Master Amazon FBM in Just Days: A Free Step-by-Step Video Course

You've heard the hype about selling on Amazon, and you want in on the action. But all the options—FBA, FBM, wholesale, private label—make your head spin. Where do you even start?

Relax, we've got you covered. We created an easy-to-follow video course that will have you up and running with Fulfillment by Amazon Merchant (FBM) in just a few days. FBM lets you ship products directly to customers yourself while still tapping into Amazon's huge audience.

With our step-by-step video tutorials, you'll learn how to source in-demand products, list items for sale, process orders, provide amazing customer service, and scale your business. We'll walk you through everything from setting up your Seller Central account to optimizing listings to boost your sales.

Whether you want to dabble in ecommerce as a side gig or build a long-term business, this free video course will teach you everything you need to know to crush it on Amazon FBM. Let's get started! Success and financial freedom await.

Introduction to Selling on Amazon FBM

Selling on Amazon FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) means you handle the shipping and customer service for items you sell on Amazon. While it requires more work, the rewards can be great. Here’s how to get started:

Find Products to Sell

Search Amazon for types of products you’re interested in or already sell. Look for opportunities in categories that aren’t dominated by big brands. Check sales rankings and prices to find potential bestsellers.

Once you find products with potential, locate suppliers and check quality and pricing. Make sure items are eligible to sell on Amazon and the category isn’t restricted. Calculate your potential profit margin to ensure it’s worth your time.

Create a Seller Account

Sign up for a free Amazon seller account. Provide details about yourself and your business. Choose a seller name and create a logo to build your brand.

Link your account to a checking account to get paid for sales. You’ll also need to provide a credit card for any Amazon selling fees.

List Your Products

Add high-quality photos and write an engaging product description for each item. Be detailed in your listings to rank higher in search results. Mention product features, specifications, and keywords that customers might search for.

Set a competitive price by checking what similar products sell for. You want the best deal to get the sale but still make a good profit. Change prices as needed to stay ahead of the competition.

Success with FBM takes work but with the right products and pricing, you can build a thriving Amazon business and join the ranks of top sellers! Keep improving your listings, provide great customer service, and source popular new products to keep sales coming in.

Setting Up Your Amazon Seller Account

To start selling on Amazon, you'll need to set up an Amazon seller account. It only takes a few minutes and it's free to register.

Seller Central account

Go to and click "Register now." You'll enter some basic info like your name, address, and credit card number. Amazon uses your card to verify your identity, but they won't charge anything unless you enroll in a paid selling plan.

Once your account is set up, you'll have access to Seller Central, your home base for managing product listings, orders, inventory, and payments. Familiarize yourself with how it's laid out. The main sections are:

  • Inventory: Add and edit product listings, track inventory

  • Orders: View, ship and manage customer orders

  • Reports: View sales reports, performance metrics and trends to optimize your business

  • Payments: View your available balance, payout schedule and bank account info

  • Settings: Update account info, add users, and configure shipping and payment settings

Take some time to explore each section. The more you know about how Seller Central works, the easier it will be to scale your Amazon business.

When you're ready to start adding products, go to Inventory → Add a Product and enter the product details like title, description, images, and price. Be as detailed as possible in your listings to rank higher in search results. Once your first product is live, congratulations! You now have an active Amazon seller account and are ready to build your business.

Mastering FBM will take practice, but with the right strategies you'll be making sales in no time. Keep learning, keep listing, and keep improving - that's the key to success as an Amazon seller.

Choosing the Right Products to Sell on Amazon

Choosing products that will sell well on Amazon FBM is key to your success. Focus on goods that people are actively searching for and buying on the platform. Some tips for finding popular, profitable products:

Look for items with steady, consistent demand. You want products that sell year-round, not just seasonal fads. Check the Amazon Sales Rank to gage demand. The lower the number, the higher the demand. Aim for products ranked under 100,000.

Target niche products. Don't go for the hottest, trendiest items that already have tons of competition. Look for specialized products that serve a specific audience. They’re easier to rank for and often have higher profit margins.

See what’s trending on review sites and blogs. Pay attention to recommendations from influencers in your chosen niche. Their followers will likely be interested in those products.

Check the reviews. Look for products with mostly positive reviews mentioning quality, value, and reliability. Lots of recent reviews signal strong current interest.

Consider bundles or variety packs. Groupings of useful, coordinating products are always popular and encourage customers to spend more. Bundles also reduce competition since they are unique offerings.

Price competitively. Make sure the products you choose have enough margin for you to make a good profit, even when priced lower than competitors. Check prices for the same or similar items to determine a competitive range. You want to be on the lower end of that range.

Keep learning and testing. The more you explore Amazon's catalog, the better sense you'll develop for finding in-demand, profitable products. Don't be afraid to try a few options, see how they perform, then adjust as needed. With experience, choosing the right products will become second nature.

Optimizing Your Amazon Product Listings

Optimizing your product listings is key to success on Amazon FBM. Follow these tips to make your listings as compelling as possible:


Use high-quality photos that show your product clearly. Have at least one photo of just the product against a white background, as well as photos of it in use. Show different angles and close-ups. Use natural lighting and make sure images are at least 1000 pixels on the longest side.

### Title

Choose a title that accurately describes your product in 5 to 50 characters. Mention the brand, product name, color and size. Use strategic keywords that people will search for. For example, “Acme Blue Widget, Standard Size”.

Bullet points

Use 4 to 5 bullet points of 3 to 5 short sentences each. Focus on the product's key features and benefits. Mention specs and dimensions. Use action verbs and speak directly to the customer, e.g. “You'll enjoy widgets that last for years”. Include strategic keywords.


Write a detailed 2 to 3 paragraph description in an enthusiastic tone. Discuss how the product works and its best uses. Mention materials and dimensions. Share any available product videos, reviews or awards. Close with a strong call to action, like "Order your widget today!".


Include relevant search terms, synonyms and related phrases in your title, bullets and description. Think about what words customers might use to find your product. Place keywords prominently and naturally throughout the listing.

Product ID

Choose an ID that is easy to remember and relates to your product, e.g. "blue-widget-standard". Use hyphens instead of spaces. This ID will appear in your product's URL.

By following these optimization best practices, you'll create compelling listings that rank well in search and convert customers. Let me know if you have any other questions about boosting your success with Fulfillment by Merchant!

Fulfilling Amazon Orders & Providing Amazing Customer Service

Fulfilling orders quickly and providing amazing customer service is key to success on Amazon FBM. Once an order comes in, here are the steps to follow:

Process the Order

Log into Seller Central and go to “Manage Orders”. Select the new order and review the details. Double check that you have enough inventory to fulfill the order. If not, cancel the order immediately to avoid going out of stock.

Ship the Product

Pack the item(s) carefully and securely in a sturdy box. Include any inserts like bubble wrap to prevent damage. Seal and label the box, then weigh and measure it to calculate the best shipping option based on the delivery speed the customer selected. Print a shipping label from the order details page on Seller Central. Affix the label to the box and drop off at a carrier like UPS or USPS.

Upload Tracking Info

Head back to the order page in Seller Central and enter the tracking number for the shipment. This allows Amazon and the customer to track the delivery progress. It also marks the order as “shipped” so the customer is aware it's on the way.

Follow Up and Get Reviews

Once delivery is confirmed, check in with the customer to make sure the product arrived as expected and they're satisfied. Ask them politely if they'd be willing to leave a product review to help others. Reviews drive more sales, so a few positive reviews can go a long way!

Providing quick shipping, following up after delivery, and asking for reviews are small touches that lead to happy, loyal customers. Building a base of repeat customers and positive reviews will boost your sales and success on Amazon FBM. With some practice, you'll be fulfilling orders and delivering amazing service in no time!



So there you have it. A complete free video course to help you master the ins and outs of Amazon FBM in just days. With this detailed tutorial, you now have the knowledge and confidence to get started selling on Amazon and leverage FBM to save time and money. The hard part is done - you've learned everything you need to know. Now the fun can begin as you source your first products, open your seller account, and make your first sales. Just remember, start small, focus on high-quality listings, provide amazing customer service, and the success will come. You've got this! What are you waiting for? Go out there and build your Amazon business. The opportunities are endless if you take that first step.

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